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Getting ready for new Beyond Silicon Valley MOOC session — Starts October 3rd

Greek Meetup Photo

We had an amazing experience teaching the first session of our MOOC, Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies, in April 2014. Over 23,000 of you from 183 countries enrolled in the course. It was such a pleasure to exchange ideas with so many of you during the MOOC about strategies to supporting entrepreneurship in communities that do not have the private sector support of a Silicon Valley. I had the chance this summer to meet quite a few MOOC students in Greece, Macedonia, Czech Republic and Spain which was great. I have stayed in touch with others of you who are working to implement some of the lessons from the course in your own communities. Due to your amazing engagement, teaching the MOOC was the most rewarding experience I have had as a professor in my career! I wrote two articles in the Huffington Post about the MOOC experience: Beyond Silicon Valley: Using a MOOC to Build a Community of Support for Global Entrepreneurs and Distance Transcended: Sharing Ideas on Entrepreneurship With Tehran.

We are excited to be teaching another session of Beyond Silicon Valley starting in less than 3 weeks on October 3rd. Registration is open on Coursera at I would encourage those of you who were not able to complete the MOOC during the first session to join us again in October. Please do spread the word to others in your community that you think might have an interest in the course. Finally, if any of you might be interested in organizing local discussion groups or “meet-ups” during the MOOC, please email us at so we can share ideas about some of the best practices we learned from the first session of the course.

I look forward to continuing to keep in touch with you on our MOOC Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn!



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