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Plain Dealer Article — Cleveland-style entrepreneurship offering model to world cities

The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote an article yesterday which profiled our MOOC and posed the question if Cleveland’s attempt to support entrepreneurship through government and donor funding was a relevant model for other communities around the world.   The reporter interviewed folks from Vietnam and Rwanda to ask that question and they both felt that there were important lessons that could be drawn from Cleveland’s experience in their markets.  By no means are we designing this class with the idea that we are encouraging other markets around the world to embrace what we have done in Cleveland to support entrepreneurship and try and implement similar programs in their communities.  Rather, we hope that the MOOC will be a forum where communities around the world can exchange ideas on the topic.  There are so many great efforts taking place globally to connect and support entrepreneurs including Global Entrepreneurship Week, Founder Institute, EO, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, Endeavor … the list goes on.  We are excited to compliment the great work these organizations are already doing to support entrepreneurship.

Great picture of Tom Lix from Cleveland Whiskey in the article.  Tom is a great entrepreneur and is featured in the MOOC.



One thought on “Plain Dealer Article — Cleveland-style entrepreneurship offering model to world cities

  1. The sharing of ideas is especially good for entrepreneurs worldwide. When I started my business venture, accessing information on financing options and assistance from non traditional avenues were difficult to find. It’s not that they were not available, its just I did not know where to look. Seven years later, having made more than a few mistakes and overcoming many challenges, I’m committing to learning more as I’m asked by other entrepreneurs for advice , on how we can grow our business, develop another idea and innovate a model on entrepreneurial development that can be taught to school leavers and new entrepreneurs.

    Posted by trinivent | January 19, 2014, 2:02 am

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